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For each class, this page will link to a page of notes, links and/or various additional “Digging Deeper” suggestions. 
We may spend one or more class days on each of the following sections listed below, depending on the class. The class dates listed on the right below are approximations and may change depending on the classes.

Link to Class NotesTopicClass Date
Intro to the ClassIntro to the class, class particulars4-21-24
Intro to Matthew, Part 1Intro to Matthew, part 14-28-24
Intro to Matthew, Part 2Intro to Matthew, part 25-5-24
Matthew 1:1Opening verse; Covenants and Genealogies5-12-24
Matthew 1:2-17Geneology of Jesus5-19-24
Off Topic Week 1Listening to God5-26-24
Matthew 1:18-25The Birth of Jesus6-2-24
Matthew 2:1-12; part 1
Matthew 2:1-12; part 2
The Magi
Matthew 2:13-18Escape to Egypt6-16-24
No ClassOutdoor Church Service a Peterson Park6-23-24
Off Topic Week 2Yet to be determined6-30-24
Matthew 2:19-23Return to Nazareth7-7-24
Matthew 3:1-6John the Baptist7-14-24
Matthew 3:7-12John the Baptist7-21-24
Off Topic Week 2Yet to be determined7-28-24
Matthew 3:13-17Baptism of Jesus8-4-24
Matthew 4:1-11Jesus Is Tested8-11-24
Matthew 4:12-17Jesus Begins to Preach8-18-24
Off Topic Week 3Yet to be determined8-25-24
No Class9-6-24