This method involves using several verses, all from the book of Romans. Copy these verses down in your Bible, wallet or purse. Familiarize yourself with them.

  1. Romans 3:23
  2. Romans 6:23
  3. Romans 5:8
  4. Romans 10:9–10
  5. Romans 10:13
  6. (Sometimes Romans 5:18:1, and 5:12 are added to the list)

See the Logos website for more info at,Jesus’s%20free%20offer%20of%20salvation.

Using just one verse, Roman’s 6:23, and a simple diagram, you can use One Verse Evangelism.

For info, go to

Or, for the Bridge illustration, go to

While the videos produces by the Bible Project and generally very good, informative and worth watching, one of their videos, the video called “Sacrifice and Atonement,” while generally good, is missing a key point of the Atonement. It is missing the biblical teaching of propitiation, or how Jesus, by His shed blood on the cross, appeased the wrath of God. We consider this a very important teaching, and thus wanted to call attention to it. See Romans 1-4 (especially 3:24-25) and Hebrews 2:17 (ESV). Also, see these articles on and for more information on propitiation (and expiation). Finally, the best discussion I know of regarding propitiation is in John Stott’s great book, THE CROSS OF CHRIST, in chapter 7, “The Salvation of Sinners.” While the whole book is excellent, this chapter alone is worth the price of the book.

As with any extra-biblical material, we need to be very discerning and careful about what we watch and read, and always go to the Bible as our ONLY reliable source of truth.